SQL Guard

iPractice offers you SQL Guard, a tool to perform a health check on your applications which use Microsoft SQLServer database software.

SQL Guard is a diagnostic tool for your application software, if the software uses SQL Server database. The tool identifies system and database parameters which affect the performance and provides an option to fix some of the issues.

The tool can be run from the CD Drive and is an easy to use menu driven software. The tool is designed to help businesses perform health checks on their SQL Server software with simple menu driven options. The tool empowers system administrators to manage the performance of their software.

SQL Guard runs in two distinct modes – diagnostic and trouble-shooting mode. In the diagnostic option the software will extract information on system variables, as well as database parameters and compare them with the suggested values. The suggested values can be provided by the user or the user can retain the suggested values provided by the software, based on the technical expertise of iPractice DBAs and industry recommended best practices.

SQL Guard provides a facility for trouble-shooting database related performance issues. Based on the output of the diagnostic report, the user is prompted to trouble-shooting for tables found to be have performance issues. The user can re-index a table, reorganize indexes or rebuild indexes.

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