MURX from iPractice merges the logic of digital medical practice with the seamless flow of an organized office. Engineered for general practitioners and specialists, MURX from iPractice enables the professional user to:

  • View patient information and medication history at a glance
  • Instantly retrieve key age-mandatory social history records such as tobacco, alcohol and chemical use
  • Avert errors such as harmful drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions, when prescribing medications
  • Write e-prescriptions and generate reports for case transfer, or reports required by public health agencies
  • Perform electronic search-and-ordering for medication, lab work and radiology
  • Track patients’ adherence to medication regimens and the treatment’s efficacy
  • Change medication or dosage and frequency of use, based on monitored effectiveness
  • Record blood work and other lab test results in a structured format
  • Counsel and educate patients as well as their family or caregivers
  • Perform other clinical tasks with sound judgment and face-based confidence

With MURX from iPractice, the outcomes are nothing short of amazing. They can be measured in administrative and pharmacological record-keeping that slashes person-hours, precise data that appreciably reduces diagnostic and treatment error, easily accessible patient files for secure sharing and smooth service coordination, and at the bottom line, improved quality of patient care.

Informed decisions for clinical efficiencies

MURX from iPractice allows professionals to make decisions driven by co-reinforcing data. Think of the software as the digital hub from which all the right medical spokes radiate:

Incentives for meaningful use of IT

Upgrading to Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) assures compliance with the HITECH Act, or Title XIII of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The Act provides assistance, tools, and resources to providers to allow for implementation and utilization of electronic health records and their meaningful use.

But compliance with HITECH not only amounts to better workflow and care delivery; it also comes with significant incentives that can impact the bottom line. Converting to an Electronic Health Record (EHR) program such as MURX from iPractice before 2015 can earn the practice up to $63,750 over six years in Medicaid incentives. It can also earn the practice as much as $44,000 over five years in Medicare incentives. On the other hand, non-observance can result in penalty from those federal safety net programs.

For more information on MURX from iPractice, or to schedule a presentation with one of our representatives, please call 302-360-8572 or e-mail sales@iPracticellc.com. Visit our website at www.iPracticellc.com for more details.

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