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If you are interested in working with us, email us your updated CV at hr@ipracticellc.com

Why iPractice?

At iPractice innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and knowledge counts. It fosters an atmosphere of learning and personnel development. We are looking for those who –

  • Are excited about working in core software product development
  • Are obsessed with broadening their Domain Expertise
  • Want to get trained with the best of the best
  • Are inclined to think out of box

You will experience true freedom – to discuss, question and debate over established norms, to create innovative products for some of the best companies around the world.

At iPractice, it’s not about just another job. At iPractice it’s a whole new life altogether …

Working at iPractice

Work at iPractice is stimulating, creative, open, and inclusive. Teamwork, mutual respect and equality are all balanced by respecting your individuality. We seek those unique individuals who embrace challenge – those who define risk taking and are proactive – and welcome the opportunity to effect change.

Career Path:We discuss career progression with employees and provide them opportunities to grow professionally.

iPractice Culture

The way to success and personal fulfilment is continuous learning and growth. Our collaborative, people-focused culture contributes to mutual respect and open communication. We foster ideas, integrity, open communication, diversity, and responsiveness to our clients’ needs.

Fun @ iPractice

Apart from work, another important driving force is ‘fun’. We believe that work and play are not mutually exclusive. We organize group events and extra- curricular activities for our employees.

Benefits Overview

Health Care – Coverage for all health care benefits starts from the date of reporting to work. This is a premium plan that offers comprehensive coverage for health care and is very liberal about the choice of health-care providers.

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